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Taxis in  Swansea for UK Holiday Shuttles, Events, Meetings…



Bristol Airport Transfers, Airport Transfers and Taxi in Swansea

Airport Transfers Bristol & Taxis in Swansea are very popular to get you in comfort, style and safety to Cardiff Airport, Bristol Airport, Heathrow Airport, Birmingham Airport, Gatwick Airport and other Airports in UK. Airport Transfers and Swansea Taxis are needed in the second largest city in Wales and it has a population of more than 250,000. It is also the second most densely populated city in Wales meaning Swansea Cabs are in demand.

The Swansea taxi and Swansea airport transfer industry in Swansea is a large market. Swansea taxis are often compared to London cabs and they are in demand with students and DVLA, Swansea Civil Servants, Admiral Insurance and pickups from Swansea train station and Quadrant bus station as well as nights out to Wind Street. Swansea Taxis are used for Gower and is a popular destination for holidaymakers and Oxwich, Llanrhidian and Mumbles are popular Swansea taxi near me requests. London Heathrow transfers, Gatwick Airport shuttle, Cardiff Airport taxis and minibuses, Bristol Airport transfers are all in demand Swansea cab requests from Swansea residents.

The high demand for Cabs and Taxis in Swansea and Airport Transfers could be attributed to its central location with easy access to both Cardiff and London airports as well as rail links that connect it with other parts of the UK.

Airport Transfer to Bristol Airport from South Wales

Apps like Uber, Lyft, and GrabTaxi are not in Swansea. Cabra Swansea Taxis are easy to book and a  Swansea taxi is convenient when you need a ride to Bristol Airport, Cardiff Airport or a London Heathrow airport transfer. If you need an Airport Shuttle Service to an Airport, Port, Train Station, Meeting, or Event in the United Kingdom we have a Swansea taxi nearby, Swansea minicab, Swansea hackney taxi 1-7 seaters or a Minibus Hire Swansea then give us a call on 01792 713713 to book your Swansea transport, or use the live chat on this website,leave a message if you are busy and we will be in touch. We need number of people, the number of suitcases, the 24hour clock pick-up time and destination, date and flight number, same for any return pick up please.

Airport Transfers Swansea Taxis

What is an airport transfer Swansea taxi?

An airport transfer taxi is a service that provides transportation to and from the airport. This includes the need for an airport shuttle or a private car taxi, depending on what the customer prefers for their Swansea taxi.

Airport transfer Swansea taxis are mostly used by people who live in cities, and who have to travel for work or pleasure. They are also used by people who live in rural areas, but they have to travel often enough that it is worth the cost of an airport transfer taxi service.

How to Get the Best Price for an Airport Transfer in Swansea

The best way to get the best price for an airport transfer Swansea taxi is to book in advance. Cabra will hold the price you pay even if fuel prices increase, airport pick-up and drop-off zone prices increase or toll bridge prices increase, so if you book ahead of time you can save money for your Swansea taxi.

If you have any questions about airport transfer taxis or your travel plans, Cabra airport transfer company offer customer service via phone 01792 713713 or email at

The Best Ways to Reach Your Destination from the Airport

The best way to reach your destination from the airport is to take a taxi. You don’t have to worry about waiting for long hours at the bus stop, and you can also avoid driving in traffic.

Airport Transfer Minibus
Mercedes Vito Airport Transfer Taxi
Airport Transfer Bus With Passengers
  • Perfect for Heathrow, London, South East England, Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester, Southampton, Pembroke Dock…

  • Comfortable seats to travel to events in London, Cardiff, Bristol, Blackpool, Birmingham, Swansea…

  • Air conditioning, heating and lighting all controlled by passenger

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Travel Checklist 101 Things ...

How to Get a Taxi Near Me

How to Book Your Local Taxi Service Step by Step

If you are in need of a taxi service, then this article will help you book your local taxi.

In order to book your local taxi, you have to follow these steps:

1. Find the nearest taxi company by using Google Maps or by checking the Google or Bing listings for a nearby taxi company.

2. Call them and ask them how much it would cost to get from point A to point B.

3. Make sure you give your correct postcode so that the driver can find you and pick you up ASAP, do

not wait at illegal pick-up points such as roundabouts, white zig-zag lines and near pedestrian crossings.

4.Black hackney cabs can be hailed at the side of the road, white cabs are private hire and must be pre-booked by phone or on the app.

How to Book a Taxi in Other Countries

The first step is to find out the destination of your journey and the time you want to get there.

Then, go to your preferred taxi company’s website or app and select your destination country.

You will be given a list of all available taxis in that country, with their prices and availability. Choose the one that suits you best and click on ‘book now’.

A Brief History of Taxi Services

In the early 1800s, a few hundred years after the horse-drawn carriage became popular in Europe, New Yorkers began to use a variety of horse-drawn carriages to get around. They were called hansoms, and they were more comfortable than riding on a streetcar or omnibus.

By the 1860s, New York had over 10,000 of these hansom cabs in operation. It was not uncommon for people to ride them all day long. In 1868, there were 4 million people living in New York City and 1 million of them rode a cab every day.

How Can I Save Money on My Next Taxi Trip?

Taxi drivers are always looking for ways to make more money. There are a number of ways that you can save money on your next taxi trip.

1) Use a credit card to pay for the taxi fare. Most credit cards offer travel insurance and baggage insurance, which can come in handy if you have a long trip ahead of you and need to carry luggage with you.

2) Book your taxi ride in advance. If you book your ride 24 hours in advance, then you could get an additional 10% off the total fare if you qualify for discount codes and promotions are running. This is because the driver will have more time to plan their route, which means less time spent on the road and hence less fuel consumption.

3) Avoid using taxis during the school run and peak times such as Friday 3pm-6pm as there will be additional time spent at red traffic lights which will add to the cost of the taxi.


Value for money, Swansea Taxi Cabs or Minibuses. Save £100's

You get an affordable Swansea taxi or minibus ride with Cabra taxis, in comfort and enjoyable. Plus discount codes to enter in your app with local cabs Cabra number.

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Taxis near me service, super quality 4-7 seater Taxi & Minicab Rides

All Cabra Swansea Minibus and Taxi drivers have passed a CRB check and Swansea Council knowledge test. You get a polite service, enjoyable Swansea Minibus and taxi ride, and high standards, you can even rate your minibus driver.

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Taxi in Swansea 3 Minute Onboarding & Registration

Sign up as a Swansea black cab and minicab rider immediately with a mobile phone or an email. Pay by cash or credit card for your minibus, taxi and minicab hire.

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Stay Safe, Swansea Taxis & Minibus - 20 Point Daily Check

Safely ride with Cabra minibus an taxi verified drivers, Swansea Council badged drivers and you can use live ride-tracking found in the mini cab and taxi app.

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Taxi Swansea to Cardiff. Swansea Minibus Hire

      When you need to use a taxi Swansea to Cardiff airport , you want to make sure that you use the very best taxi numbers in Swansea 01792 713713 as that will ensure you benefit from a friendly and efficient service, also our vehicles have a 20 point check each day. At Cabra Taxi and Mini Cabs, we are a taxi Swansea service that cares about its customers. What’s more, we also make it simple to book a taxi Swansea to Cardiff Airport. Our use of the Waze GPS app is all about putting our customers in control and that means that you can monitor your taxi whereabouts and get real-time information about your Cardiff route once you are in our taxi by looking at the Waze GPS on the taxi phone located on the dashboard. Do you need a reliable, safe minibus to Bristol? Visit our Bristol Airport Minibus Service. If you need a taxi in Cardiff visit our Cardiff website.

Taxi Swansea or Minibus 9 Seater To Bristol Airport

1 h 40 min (85.5 mi) via M4, 1 h 58 min (98.6 mi) via A470 and M4, 2 h 5 min (102.5 mi) via Heads of the Valleys Rd/A465. We will use Waze GPS to find the most up to date safest and fastest route for the Swansea to Bristol airport transfer, at a fixed cost. You may find that construction projects, traffic, weather or other events may cause conditions to differ from the map results, and we will plan your route accordingly using Waze GPS. The great thing about our taxi Swansea to Bristol airport service is that we keep fares simple and fixed for 4 – 8 seater mini cabs, also visit our Bristol website if you want a local Bristol service. Our passengers can benefit from a transparent service whereby they understand the fares they are paying and what’s more, there are discount codes that they can benefit from if you sign up to our newsletter, which makes getting a taxi Swansea to Bristol Airport  even cheaper. You can check destinations from Bristol Airport here    

Choose The Exact Location For Your Swansea Taxi Pickup

Sometimes passengers don’t have a street name or an address to hand when they order a taxi in Swansea and they might require picking up from the side of the road.

If this is the case then that won’t be a problem either as the app ensures that our Swansea taxi passengers can inform drivers of their exact whereabouts. 

Therefore, we are one of the taxi numbers in Swansea that offers a tailored service that picks up our passengers from their exact location. They can pick a landmark, a post box or even a telephone box and update the driver via the app. This simple way to book a taxi Swansea makes the entire process as simple and as efficient as possible. When you need a taxi nearby give us a call.

If you are a student our student taxi services can help if you are going on holiday then we offer taxi’s to Swansea Bus Station, minicabs to Swansea Train Station, taxis from Swansea to Cardiff Airport, Taxis from Swansea To Bristol Airport and all London Airports.

Sometimes a taxi booking is not just for solo travellers and so, we offer a range of taxis to suit a range of party sizes. Whether it is a four-seater, six-seater or eight-seater, we have vehicles that are designed to cater to all. So whether it is a trip into the city centre for a night out or travel to the airport, our taxi Swansea service has it all covered. We also offer accessible taxis for those who require special access.

The minicab app provides a simple way to book a taxi to Cardiff, minicab to Bristol or Minibus to all parts of the UK and that is what passengers want. Gone are the days when the only way was to call a taxi service or hail a taxi down from the side of the road because we are changing things for the better.

Looking for information on Swansea see here accommodation, activities and attractions in Swansea … You will find everything you need to plan your visit on the Swansea Council Tourist Website

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Lost your phone in the Swansea Taxi or Minicab? Call the driver. Need an airport taxi or Minibus 8-16 seater? Our customer support team is here to help. Livechat available for instant response. Or Email, or phone 01792 713713.


Riders can book their taxi in Swansea rides in advance to Cardiff Airport, Bristol Airport and all areas of UK and manage their entire schedule from a dedicated dashboard.


Rider can easily leave Swansea Minicab driver -related reviews and ratings. Only the highest-rated Cabra Taxi & Minicab drivers are allowed on the road. Taxis to Cardiff, Bristol, London and taxis in Swansea.